By purchasing the E-Decorating service packages, you are bound to and agree with the following terms and conditions and terms of service:

Package Inclusions:

  • A professionally e-designed interior by a qualified Interior Designer

  • Digital mood board reflecting your design scheme with colour choices, furniture suggestions and decor

  • A comprehensive, itemised shopping list complete with local and online stores

  • Detailed digital floor plan layout to help you implement your design

  • Design guide and manuals to assist you throughout your design journey

  • You become one of our special VIP Members! So don’t be surprised if you find a discount (or two) and some friendly expert advise in your inbox!

*Please note these packages do not include ensuite, bathroom of kitchen design.

Disclaimer – The client agrees to participate in the design service as specified by the designer, Jessica Flood Design and return all contracts and information necessary to proceed with the service within the timeframe specified. Failure to do so will forfeit the contract.

E-Design services are an online decorating consultation service. All recommendations should be regarded as suggestions only. Any suggestions made are not recommended for construction purposes. The client should seek independent advice before attempting any construction, building, or decorating services.


Schedule ‘A’

Services to be provided by Jessica Flood of Jessica Flood Design.

The services to be provided by the designer to the client under this agreement are as follows:

  • Digital mood board reflecting your design scheme with colour choices, furniture suggestions and decor

  • A comprehensive, itemised shopping list/schedule complete with local and online stores

  • Detailed digital floor plan layout

  • Design guide and manuals

  • VIP Membership

*Please note these packages do not include ensuite, bathroom of kitchen design.

The designer will contact the customer via email or skype communication regularly throughout the process, as necessary to seek information regarding the service in order to complete it in full.


A 1.1   Design Questionnaire

The customer will submit a digital written Design Questionnaire, filled out the best of their knowledge and understanding, including accurate personal information and information regarding the building, interior and space to be designed by the designer. The customer may provide links to social media or other accounts to be viewed by the designer.

The Design Questionnaire may require the preparation of preliminary or full measured surveys of a property or location; or detailed feasibility studies may be required before preparation of the design stage and following phases of the project.

A 1.2   Photos and Measurements

Customers are requested as necessary to complete the service, photographs and measurements of their interior space to the designer.

The designer may analyse or complete a scope of works based on the photographs and measurements provided to the designer by the customer.

The designer will make decisions based on the accuracy of the measurements provided to them by the client. The designer takes no responsibility for the inaccuracy of photos or measurements provided by the client.

A 1.3   Digital Mood Board

Preparation of a digital mood board including images of the design scheme, colour choices, furniture suggestions and décor as necessary. Digital Mood Board will be sent to the customer for written approval and consent via electronic communication and means.


A 1.4   Shopping List/Schedule

Preparation of comprehensive, clickable (where possible) shopping list/schedule will be created, including links to furniture and décor recommendations for online or local stores. Items may include recommendations for services, paint or flooring. Measurements and quantities will only be displayed for certain products. Customers are advised to seek professional or specialist consultants advise before purchasing paint, flooring or building materials.

This shopping list is provided as recommendations only and is the clients responsibility to proceed with purchasing items. The customer is not contracted to make any purchase on the lists provided. This information should be taken as advise only and is not required to make any purchase against their own will.

The shopping list will include indicative cost estimates that work within their budget.


A 1.5   Floor Plan Layout

Based on the photographs and measurements provided by the customer to the designer, the designer will create a detailed digital floor plan layout of the interior to assist clients in placing the furniture and décor within the space in order to complete the design.


A 1.6   Design Guides & Manuals

The designer may provide digital design guides and manuals via email or other communications, as necessary to complete the service. The information provided within these services should be taken as advise only and not fact.

The designer is not liable for any incident, illness, losses or damages sustained through our design service or use of design guides and manuals.


A 1.7   VIP Membership

The VIP Membership is included free when a design service is purchased. The VIP Membership communications is ongoing and customers may receive electronic or physical mail relating to Jessica Flood Design, interior design advice, products, services, discounts, coupon codes, marketing, advertisments and other information via the means of electronic communication.

This service may be canceled at any time without prior written or verbal consent. Compensation will not be provided as this is a free service provided by the designer to the customer.


A 1.8   Revision Service

One free additional revision service in the form of a mood board and shopping list will be provided to work with you in order to complete the service and its desired results. If you request a Skype call, it will be billed separately via invoice for an additional $50 per half hour.


Schedule ‘B’

 Limited Conditions of Engagement

*Please note these packages do not include ensuite, bathroom of kitchen design.


 B1   Interior Designers Responsibility and Authority

The Designer is Responsible for:

B1.1 Service

In the performance of the Services, the designer will exercise reasonable skill and care in the conformity with the customary standards in the interior design profession.

B1.2 Authority

The client authorises the designers to act on their behalf as the client’s agent in all matters as are set out or implied in this agreement.

B1.3 Variations to Design

The designers shall not make any material alteration to, addition to or omission from the approved design without the consent of the client, except in case or urgency, in which case the designer will subsequently notify the client promptly.


The Designer is NOT Responsible for:

B1.4 Work undertaken by third parties

The designer is not responsible for work undertaken by third parties (for example, lighting, painting, installation of fixtures, fittings, mistakes in architectural drawings or any other work related to structural, plumbing or electrical professionals).

B2 Client’s Responsibilities

B2.1 Client’s Instructions

The client shall give to the designer’s instruction adequate to define the client’s requirement, including design questionnaire, budget, photographs and measurements.

The client will provide feedback and responses within 24 hours of a request, verbal or electronic communications.


B2.2 Client’s Representative

The client shall nominate in writing a person with authority to give instructions to the designers with respect to the project.


B2.3 Access

The client will ensure suppliers and delivery has required access to their property and is responsible for checking with suppliers before purchasing items if their entryways, doors and other access points will fit furnishings or décor. The client will ensure the provision of storage and unpacking space for products prior to installation.


B2.4 Legal Documentation and Approval

The client is responsible for obtaining legal permits, approval and documentation for any structural, architectural or design work as required by their local or state authorities.


B2.5 Social Media Access and Permission

The client will provide access or links to their social media sites, in order for the designer to view, analyse and complete the service as required or necessary.


B3 Furnishings, Décor and Suppliers

B3.1 Installation

The customer is responsible for purchasing and installing their own furnishings, décor, building materials or other mediums recommended by the designer. The designer does not purchase or install items or furnishings on the customer’s behalf.

B3.1 Suppliers Loss or Damages

We are not responsible for any losses or damages sustained through our design service and take no responsibility for the losses od damages occurred by recommended suppliers. Please contact suppliers directly and check their policies before purchasing items.

The designer takes no responsibility for loss or damages on physical items or products purchased from our site during shipping or transit.


B3.1 No Guarantee

The designer has no control of the increasing or fluctuating costs of external supplies, products or services either before, during or after the service and will nor be held accountable for any increases in costs or if the cost increase exceeds the initial budget specified by the client.

The designer is not liable for the quality of furniture, fixtures, fittings or other materials specified by the designer. The customer is responsible of ensuring the products quality before purchase.

Suppliers are subject to change their products seasonally, sell out or discontinue items. The designer can not guarantee prices, merchandise, interior installation or other services not performed by the designer.

B4 Fee Terms and Conditions

B3.1 Fees for Project

Fees and charges for the project are disclosed in full upon checkout on our website  

Additional services not included in our e-decorating packages will be invoiced directly to the customer. Invoices for half hourly or hourly fees will be submitted to the customer by the designer as required. Payment terms are net seven (7) calendar days from date of invoice.

If you request a Skype call, it will be billed separately via invoice for an additional $50 per half hour.


B4.2 Payments

Payment is to be made in full at the time of checkout in order for a service to begin.

Our website uses a secure site and payment systems to limit liability, loss or fraud with the transference of payment.

Invoices for half hourly or hourly fees will be submitted to the customer by the designer as required. Payment terms are net seven (7) calendar days from date of invoice.


B4.3 Overdue Payments

The designer is entitled to interest on all fees due and not paid within 30 calendar days of date of invoice. Such interest will be calculated and charged at the current Trading Bank benchmark rate for overdrafts.

B4.4 Disbursements

The client shall reimburse the interior designers for expenses incurred by the designers in respect of:

  • Fees paid by the designer to statutory authorities

  • The provision of more than two (2) copies of any drawings or documents requested by the client or other consultants involved with the project

  • Special services requested by the client, such as additional perspective drawings, models etc., not covered by this agreement or listed in the service package contents.

  • STD and ISD telephone calls, Skype, airfreight, postage or courier services

  • Any travel expenses related to carrying out the project that exceeds 30km in each direction

B5 Termination or Cancellation

B4.1 Design Process Phase & Revision

A product or service can be terminated or cancelled by either party at any time. In the event of illness or unforeseeable circumstances the service may be refunded in part or full, depending on the circumstance. Services will not be refunded due to change of mind.

Where the Agreement is terminated by the designers, or by the client by reason of breach of the Agreement by the designer (being a breach which the designer fails to remedy within 7 days of receipt of a notice in writing from the client specifying the breach and requiring it to be remedied), the interior designer shall be entitled to payment for work done up to and including the date of the termination together with reimbursement of expenses incurred or which will reasonably be incurred.

If a client fails to respond to verbal, digital or email communications within 48 hours of a request or communication, the designer reserves the right to cancel a service in writing immediately without prior written or verbal consent.

If an invoice is not paid within 7 days of the date of invoice, the designer may cancel the service at any time in writing without prior written or verbal consent. A refund will not be provided.

B6 Consent to use Photography, Media or Words of the Customer

By purchasing this service, you agree and consent to the use and publication of any photography, media, words, written or verbal testimonials or reviews provided to the designer to be included on the designers website www.jessicaflooddesign and social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and any other marketing site. No form of identification including name, address or property details will be displayed.


B7 Discrepancies or Concerns

If the client has any discrepancies, concerns or notices incorrect information at any stage of the design process, it is their responsibility to notify Jessica Flood Design immediately.

B8 Copyright

The drawings, specifications and other documents provided by the designer are the property of the designer whether the work for which they are made is executed or not. The client is licensed to use the drawings and other documents for the works for which they are made.They shall not be used for other work except by agreement with the designer. The designer may terminate the license if the client breaches their obligation to pay the designer. Copyright in all drawings, specifications and other documents and in the work executed from them remains the property of the interior designer.


B9 Designer & Customer/Client Agreement

By purchasing and proceeding with the E-Decorating Service Packages the customer/client hereby agrees to and is bound to this contract.

Designers will provide to the client services in respect of the project as described in the attached Schedule ‘A’ in accordance with the conditions set out in the attached Schedule ‘B’ and any relevant attachments. The client will pay for and adhere to these services as set out in the attached Schedule ‘A’ and ‘B’.

Our drawings and specifications are conceptual in nature and intended to set forth design intent only and are not to be used for architectural, engineering or construction purposes. We do not perform architectural or engineering services. Should the nature of our e-decorating concept plans require the services of any other design professional, such professional shall be engaged directly by you pursuant to separate agreement as may be mutually acceptable to you and such other design professional.

Our services shall not include undertaking any responsibility for the design, modification of the design, of any structural, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, audio, video or other mechanical systems installed or to be installed at the project.

All concepts, drawings and specifications prepared by Jessica Flood of Jessica Flood Design, (Project Documents) and all copyrights therein, remain our exclusive property at all times. Project documents may not be used by you on any other project or for the completion of this project by you or by any other firm, unless we are actually adjudged to be in default of this Agreement.

You will provide us with access to the project and all information we may need to complete the project. It is your responsibility to obtain all approval required by any governmental agency or otherwise in connection with this project.

Any provision of this Agreement held to be void or unenforceable under any law shall be deemed stricken, and all remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and binding upon both of us. This letter is a complete statement of our understanding. No other representations or agreements have been made other than those contained in this letter.

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