Designer Diary

Well, I did promise RAW and you’re getting it!

This months Designer Diary is full of mixed emotions and transformation.

The last few months have been a whirlwind. Mostly wonderful, a little hard, sometimes downright overwhelming. This past week was by far the hardest yet and one that amassed a level of anxiety like ever before.

You might think I’m being over dramatic and perhaps you’re right, however returning to work… yes, my day job, has been an overwhelming task.

Believe it or not, pressing the launch button on a new business doesn’t always equal instant six figures, which means keeping my day job whilst my business grows is essential.

Leaving my babies and taking that leap back into work life was HARD, much harder than I care to admit. Leaving that part of my life behind, the one that gets to do all that amazing mum stuff like nursing my baby to sleep for midday naps, school pick-ups and drop offs, leaves my feeling tearful… 12 months has flown by at a scary pace.

It’s not all bad. We’re settling back into a new routine and I’m enjoying every spare second with my babies, even the afternoon whirlwind that takes over our household when I get home. There’s nothing like toothy smiles and the pitter patter of little feet running towards you as soon as they hear the front door.

IMG_0721 copy.jpeg


For those of you wondering how my business fits in? There is an abundance of time spent growing my biz and creating new content. It’s my purpose and the best part of my working day!

I’d spent so long stressing about how I could juggle two jobs, grow a successful business and be a mum. Well it turns out there is no secret sauce! Yep, none. Just the feeling of love and a deep nagging purpose that drives me on and upwards. It just works, because I want it to.

In actual fact, stepping into a busier life has brought so much clarity and simplicity into the way I work and the things I’m focusing on. The pressure to have it all done yesterday is lifting and that feeling of transformation is slowing creeping in.

I’m still celebrating the LAUNCH OF MY SHOP! My art prints were received with such positivity, I even decided to re-open my ETSY SHOP.

I’ve already added a new watercolour print titled, ‘Petals’ to the shop and will continue to share some exciting new artworks over the coming weeks.


All going well, I’ll be launching some new services towards the end of March!

Want a HINT? I’ll be extending my services to help other businesses… Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out for my Instagram posts. I’ll be sharing a few bits and pieces leading up to the launch.

Eek, I’m bursting with excitement!

Art Display_Petals.jpg
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