Get in the Right Plant Space

Get in the right plant space… See what I did there!

I’m a sucker for catchy phrases and bad humour. Hands up if you think people who don’t kill their plants talk to them for 8 hours, water them like Niagara Falls and prune them ten times a day and who has time for that, right?

I know this is a topic that freaks people out. They go into crazy plant mode, over think it and watch half their plant babies shrivel into crunchy heaps… I love a good description too!

But PLEASE believe me when I say, it truly doesn’t have to be this way!! It’s not that hard and you don’t have to be crazy plant lady to see your babies grow! Here are some tips to help get you started

Buy indoor plants that:

  • Are low maintenance! What does that mean? Look for plants that need minimum sunshine and watering.

  • Succulents are the perfect indoor, low maintenance plants.

  • Devils Ivy grows like a beast indoors and needs little maintenance.

  • Buy mature plants! They have an thriving root system and will be much harder to kill.


How can you help them?

  • Give your plant babies a big kids room straight away and plant them in larger pots to avoid re-potting again down the track.

  • Don’t just wing it, read your plants instruction tag, chances are their care instructions are super simple.

  • The magic ingredients! Just add water and give them a little sunshine.

  • If they’ve been behaving, perhaps the occasional outdoor picnic will be a welcomed treat.

  • Last but not least, LOVE THEM! They are living, they are breathing and like every creature all they need is a bit of love.


So next time you go to grab that plastic plant off the shelf, think about the environment, your home environment and these simple steps!

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