Unconventional Plant Styling


The name says it all... Unconventional plant styling! I love plants and being surrounded by nature. I try to fill my home with indoor plants and have an abundance of flora surrounding our house.

recently I went on the hunt for a budget friendly plant stand to house some pot plants that have been rapidly multiplying around the dining room. I couldn’t find one that I loved! I found a few I liked, however they were a bit too pricey for my budget. 

My husband had previously mentioned wanting a bar cart in the dining room but I brushed it off. I don’t drink much and we can’t leave alcohol and glassware out with the kids... unless! It struck me, if we made a compromise we’d have the best of both worlds... Bar Cart turned Plant Stand!

We decided the Kmart Bar Cart in black was the best choice and I happily set up my selection of pots and succulent cut offs into a little vignette of plant goodness. The best part is, I can move them around the house depending on how much sun they need and I can wheel them straight outdoors if need be. It’s a cute conversation or statement piece and a nice way to inject some greenery into the space. Plus, bar cart and dining room go hand in hand!



Why plants in the dining room?

  • They add greenery

  • It’s fresh and never dates… plants will ALWAYS be awesome

  • You can display kitchen herbs

  • It looks pretty... dah!


Here’s a few suggestions on how you can display plants in your home!

  • Buy a bar cart, treat your self!

  • Who says book shelves are for books only? Load them with plants for a display that WOW’s! TIP: A-Frame bookshelves are all the rage right now or soften some industrial bookshelves with layers of plants for an Urban vibe.

  • Cluster pot plants on shelves. Make an impact by lining rows of shelves with plants. This is also a great way to show off those gorgeous pots.

  • Hanging or wall mounted pots can make a dramatic impact without taking up floor space and makes a great alternative to art.

Here are some great suggestions for plant displays that WOW!!

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