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It’s Tuesday morning, the kids are screaming whilst I gulp down a cold coffee before racing out the door to school (late as usual). I check emails in the car outside of preschool, post my socials on the go and settle into work tasks, with the occasional dash to load the washing machine or refuel on a chocolate bar... I’ve got this health thing, down pat!

The afternoon is spent racing from school to kids activities, throwing the kids at my husband as he gets through the door from work, cooking and spending some much loved family time before running in circles and bed hopping (at least 1000 times), trying to get my little angels off to sleep, just to… you guessed it, settle into some nice quiet writing time before I nod myself off to sleep!



I know it’s not everyone’s ideal day of fun and it’s certainly not the easiest, but it’s mine and I love every blissful moment of chaos, craziness and creativity. Mixing mum life and business is what dreams are made of! Well kinda… you get the picture!

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into our crazy life, juggling parenthood, business and everything in between! I thought I’d create an ongoing monthly blog post called DESIGNER DIARY on day to day life as a mum, designer and artist all the whilst spilling secrets on what’s been happening around here.

So what’s new then?

Mum life has had me on an all time high and lowest of lows, lately. Amelia started pre-school… she cried, I cried, Lacey cried even more and Chris text me every 30 mins to tell me how sad he was! Oh boy, it was an emotional day.

We survived day one of pre-school… or so I thought! Amelia fell ill with a terrible virus that struck down the entire family. Yep, we all sniffled and coughed our way through the week, thought we were dying and Lacey lost her voice (MUM TRUTH: I was a bit too happy about this than I should have been). Seriously though, ONE day? How?

Lacey started ‘big’ school yesterday and… I cried, Chris was super emotional and text me all day again and Amelia cried ALL DAY LONG! I can still hear it ringing in my ears. All in all, it was a great day. She made friends before school started and didn’t even look back when we waved her off into the classroom. I stood there for a minute or two outside the room, too scared to move in case she came running back out… She didn’t and when we picked her up, she didn’t want to leave and told us she loves school so much, she can’t wait for tomorrow. WOW, we were NOT expecting that!

Best I could do! This is what happens when your Border Collie is bouncing around you and your baby refuses to look at the camera.

Best I could do! This is what happens when your Border Collie is bouncing around you and your baby refuses to look at the camera.



If you’ve been following along on Instagram you would have noticed I’ve set some home goals for the next few months to make life simpler and hopefully, finish painting our walls from a not so delicious chocolate and caramel (previous owners crime) to a lighter grey and white. I like a good pop of colour as much as the next person, but after living with brown tones, wood trim, peach tiles and dark wood floors… I’m going light, bright EVERYTHING!

So what’s on the to-do list this month?

Room by room, I’m:

  • Decluttering

  • Donating or selling

  • Creating organised systems

It’s a major over-haul, I’m purging everything in sight and we’re starting this year fresh with some serious organisation. At least I get to reward myself with a paint bucket and hours of manual labour!

Getting down to business!

Getting down to business!

Designer Diary Artworks.jpg


The launch of my SHOP and new collection of art prints is by far the most exciting thing I’ve been working on this year. Yay!

I’m not going to lie, its been a tough gig, keeping up with creating new art, two kids running around your feet and a mountain of things to do. However, it brings me so much joy, creating and sharing it with others. I’ll be announcing a launch competition VERY SOON, so keep watching this space to see how you can win one of your very own art prints.

Plus, I really, REALLY want to know what type of art you’re loving at the minute. Whether its mine or someone else’s, I want to know what styles and what subjects you love to hang on your walls? So shoot me an email, DM or message via our contact form and let me know.


Well guys, that’s a wrap!
I’d love to know what kind of things you’d like to hear more or less of in future posts?

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