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Dreamy Summer days and balmy nights

There is no bigger style inspo than Summer. It’s dreamy summer days and balmy nights are an eclectic fusion of colour and styles. A time for entertaining, traveling and beach-side lazing, Summer speaks to my bohemian heart and I’m finding myself drawn to things that light me up and set my soul on fire…

This collection of gorgeous decor and lifestyle products do just that! Their beautiful mix of organic and geometric shapes, combined with romantic florals, delicate pattern, luxurious materials and dusty colours make a playful summer mix that is utterly irresistible!



Every day, I’m either looking at or surrounded by home decor and the latest design trends. So, it’s no doubt that I have a wish list the size of Mount Kosciuszko!

Now, you know I’m not one to keep treasure all to myself, so instead of causing my husband undue stress by waving my laptop at him every 30 seconds, I’ll be sharing the goods with YOU! That’s right, every month I’ll create a list of the things I’m crushing on and bundle them up into a little bundle of decor love, just for you!

So here you have it. I’ve managed to narrow it down (it was really, REALLY hard!) to my favourite, items for January, in hopes that you will find some serious decor and lifestyle inspo. Perhaps even a few treasures for yourself? Go on, you deserve it!

If you want to keep up to date with what’s new, look no further… Here’s my top ten!

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If you want to see more decor and lifestyle inspo, including fashion, travel or anything else that takes your fancy, remember to leave me a comment below!

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