Add Style & Storage to your Living Room on a budget!

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How on earth do parents co-exist with the magical beasts we call our kids AND have a tidy space with loads of storage, without looking like you’re living inside a storage container or pre-school?

Hmm, it’s a tough one and a question asked by parents since the beginning of time. Ok, maybe not the beginning of time, but you get the gist!

It’s Every parent’s wildest dreams to have an organised home and keep their kids happy too. But it doesn’t have to be a dream. Nope, it can be your reality too.

Now, I’m not saying we throw the kids toys out the window and only let them play in their rooms between 3-4pm each day… No, no, no we’re not about that. I’m all about letting kids explore their creativity through play and allowing them to do so freely in their home.

I do, however, have a few tips to help you keep your living areas tidy so that next time you have an un-expected visitor, you don’t have to scramble around the house, diving over toys and swiping the lounges clean just so they have somewhere to sit.

Think practical AND beautiful… You thought about me didn’t you? Just kidding!


No seriously, its easier than you think to dive head first into having a well styled home without re-creating, classroom chic in your living room.


So what types of things am I talking about?

  • Toys left strewn across the floor

  • Colouring books and pencils

  • The magical Lego that multiplies every time you pick up a piece

  • The dust collectors they swear they need but haven’t touched in 2 years

  • Those ridiculously expensive LOL Dolls that they have ripped heads off… OK, I better stop, I’ve hit a sore point!

Hot Tips:

  • Choose furniture with added storage like a lounge, coffee and side tables.

  • Sideboards look great and you can dedicate a space to keep the kids most used items.

  • Try a bar cart! No, its not for you, it's for the kids! No, it’s not what you think… instead, use it to place to store their craft items or bits and pieces onto. This way, when company comes over, its in a neatly contained area and you can wheel it out of the way.

  • Magazine racks are great for storing colouring books. Plus throw your favourite mag on top and you can pretend the rest doesn’t exist.

  • Shelving or bookcases add additional storage, especially when paired with pretty wicker baskets

  • Wall hooks are all the rage again and are excellent storage space for bags, hats and clothing before they get piled on the dining table.

Here are a few extra examples of how you can add style and storage to your living room!

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