Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. Ta Daaaa!

It’s PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

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Yep that’s right, this year it’s all about warmth with an underlying golden hue. This zesty colour will put pep back in your stride without knocking your socks off. It’s all about energy and social connectedness with a softness at its core.

Living Coral reflects the vivacity of nature in a less obvious way and explores the kaleidoscope of colour within coral reefs.

I know you’re thinking, ‘Wow, calm down Jess, it’s just a colour.’ But stick with me, there’s more to it, I promise…

I’ll be honest, when it was announced I had mixed feelings about this colour. I’ll be even more honest, I’m not quite sure how normal it is to have such strong feelings towards a colour!

But in my honest, honest opinion, at first glance I was beaming with excitement and let out a sigh of relief… Thank goodness we said good buy to Ultra Violet (I mean, really?) After a moment of deliberation, I got annoyed by its been there, done that, we’ve seen it before palette. Fast forward a minute or two and I threw caution to the wind and thoughts of predictability out the window and settled right back on ‘I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!’

After all, in case you missed it, I have a tendency to gravitate towards these hues anyway.


Here’s why you need to know it!

Designers wait with baited breath, year round to find out what colour will whip them into a creative frenzy and dominate the shelves of our favourite homewares and fashion stores. Eagerly awaiting to embrace this new trend and explore the depth of colour through creativity.

I have to admit; I kind of love it! Sometimes we get caught up in the mainstream colour trends of yesteryear and need a little prompting to explore the never ending possibilities of colour. That’s where Pantone come in! Spreading their wise wisdom and presenting us with colours that dare us to think outside of our usual colour boxes by handing us a new lease on creativity.

I do have a love affair with monochromatic goodness, but I’m a colour lover at heart and, truly, this one is magic! I’m predicting this colour and all it’s glorious shades will be splashing our homes in no time.

How you can use it in your home!

Here are a few ways we can embrace PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral and splash our homes and lifestyle with this daring colour of the year:

  • Keep key furniture pieces neutral. This will help those zesty colours pop!

  • Add accent items in coral, peach or pinks to create a playful colour palette.

  • Make a statement by pairing it with another bold accent colour such as yellow.

  • Pantone ‘Living Coral’ has underlying golden hues, so pairing it with brass or warm tones will add to it’s richness.

  • Coral looks great next to black or dark woods.

  • Green is corals best friend and a great excuse to buy more plants!

Alice McCall

Are you ready to embrace the New Year with colour?

Let me know how YOU feel about ‘Living Coral’ in the comments below.

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